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Melkmarkt 41

Melkmarkt 41 is truly a beauty set amidst the surrounding old city kernel of Antwerp city centre. With views that offer its owner the ability to gaze at the square and the cathedral, this mansion is sure to please even the most discerning clientele.

A close neighbour to the Hilton Hotel and the picturesque cathedral area, it is situated at the hub of Eiermarkt, Groenplaats and Melkmarkt - a true attraction for an international clientele. Melkmarkt 41's location offers the option to relax in serene surroundings or enjoy the nearby excitement of the city. It's store front-like ground floor is a guarantee at a top prime sidewalk location. Melkmarkt 41 is the perfect choice for those who seek to get the best Antwerp city has to offer - easy access, culture, entertainment and public amenities.

Located just two minutes from the next tram station, subterrain parking area, taxis and subway, four minutes to the famous shopping district of 'Meir' and ten mintues to the main train station - just to name a few close-by amenities.

Property Type : Residential/Commercial
Size : 80 sq.m.
No. of Rooms :


Melkmarkt 41, 2000 Antwerp, Belgium

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